Geek Pick of the Week: Back to the Future The Ultimate Visual History (Revised and Expanded Edition)

We’re back to deep dive books for the latest Geek Pick of the Week as we explore the  Back to the Future The Ultimate Visual History – Revised and Expanded Edition. 

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As Back to the Future celebrates 35 years, Insight Editions has released a Revised and Expanded version of their previously released Ultimate Visual History of the franchise. Though it only brings in 16 additional pages from the previous release, the new, never before seen images and details are more than worth it.

I’ve always loved these kinds of books, and Insight Editions delivers the goods every time. On top of delivering in-depth information on the making of the films, including a number of high-profile interviews, there are a wealth of neat inserts for fans as well. Sometimes information, though often more for collecting purposes, these inserts feel like you’re able to take a piece of the films with you.

From Marty’s note to Doc Brown (including the envelope) in the first movie, to a fold-out post for Jaws 19, and even a recreation of the Biff $1 bill, there’s all kinds of neat goodies included. The screen accurate recreations are a fun way to dive deeper into your favorite movie, adding some collectible value beyond the detailed information inside.

For me, that’s where these type of books shine and the wealth of things included in this edition are a ridiculous amount of fun. They look great and are easily taken out of the book without messing up either of them. Hell, I’ve got the Jaws 19 poster hanging up in my office right now!

Since I didn’t get my hands on the book’s original release back in 2015, I can’t tell you what all is specifically new in this version. I know that fans get 16 new full spread pages packed with new information and behind the scenes images that haven’t been seen before. There’s also a new Foreword by Michael J. Fox and an additional insert in the form of the USA Today front page from the first film.

This may not seem like enough changes for original release owners to pick up this version, but considering the amount of slightly altered Star Wars books I have, I know that’s not something that stops fans. If you missed out on this when it originally hit a few years back, then there’s NO reason to skip out on this.

The information contained inside is thorough and laid out in an easy to understand way. Not only do you get insight on the franchise itself, there’s plenty of great info for those looking to understand the filmmaking process in general. Easy to read cover-to-cover or just flip through and browse at a leisurely pace, The Ultimate Visual Guide is an excellent combo of deep dive and fun coffee table book.

This feels like an ideal gift for the movie love on your Christmas shopping list, and a MUST for anyone you know who’s a fan of Back to the Future. The Revised and Expanded Version launched this week available from major book retailers or online.

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