HBO Working On Two Sherlock Holmes Spinoffs, Downey Jr. To Produce

HBO Max is developing two Sherlock Holmes series which will be spinoffs of the Robert Downey Jr. films.

Robert Downey Jr. alongside his producer wife Susan Downey will be executive producers on the show following discussions that began in 2020 with regards to creating a Sherlock Holmes show.

TheĀ Sherlock world was set to expand back in December of 2020 with a third installment, but this was later pushed back to December 2021. As of yet, the film is still yet to release, and no new date has been given. Considering this, it may be possible that these shows could replace the potential third film that was planned.

No news about who or what these spinoffs will be about has come forward yet, or whether the famousĀ Sherlock Holmes will have a large role in the shows.

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