‘Lethal Weapon’ Reboot Already Has a Writer

According to a report from Deadline, the decision has been made by both Warner Bros. and producer Joel Silver to place Will Beall in the writer’s seat for the Lethal Weapon reboot.  Beall is a former LA police officer, which probably did not hurt his chances for being picked for the job, and the author of the novel L.A. Rex.  He’s been catching the eyes of many studio execs due to his Gangster Squad script (a period crime drama centered around an tough as nails squad fighting organized crime bosses such as Mickey Cohen).

Lethal Weapon

We all know the previous idea for the franchise was to make a Lethal Weapon 5, which was to be scripted by the original writer Shane Black.  However, this would have meant calling in the former cast and let’s just face it…There was no way production was going to go that route.  For one reason, there seemed to be irreconcilable scheduling differences.  Add the recent bashing of Mel Gibson’s reputation and you have a film that was doomed from the start.

While it’s sad to see that the filmmakers and writer who were involved on all four of the previous movies won’t be coming back, we’re interested in seeing what someone with fresh ideas can bring to the mix.  Keep tuning into TheMoviePool as we continue to bring you the latest news on it, as it comes in.


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