‘Mission Impossible 7’ & ‘8’ Release Dates Moved Again; New Release Dates Set

For the fourth time, Paramount Pictures and Skydance have moved the release date of Mission: Impossible 7 and, subsequently, its sequel Mission: Impossible 8. The 7th film in the franchise will now release on July 14, 2023, while MI8 will now release on June 28, 2024.

“After thoughtful consideration, Paramount Pictures and Skydance have decided to postpone the release dates for Mission: Impossible 7 & 8 in response to delays due to the ongoing pandemic. The new release dates will be July 14, 2023, and June 28, 2024, respectively. We look forward to providing moviegoers with an unparalleled theatrical experience,” Paramount and Skydance said in a statement.

Originally, Mission: Impossible 7 was set to release in July of 2020. However, it was moved to December, due to the uncertainty of the pandemic. From there, it was delayed to November 19, 2021, then May 27, 2022. Now it’s been pushed out of this year altogether to July 14, 2023.

With every Mission: Impossible film having blockbuster expectations, it makes sense for Paramount and Skydance to want to maximize their returns with a full theatrical release. However, with this many delays, at a certain point they’ve got to figure out a safer way to release this film without losing too much of their bottom line and delaying it further.

Both Mission: Impossible 7 and 8 will be directed by Christopher McQuarrie (Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation, Mission: Impossible Fallout). Between the two films, the cast will include Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Hayley Atwell, Ving Rhames, Henry Czerny, Simon Pegg, Vanessa Kirby, Angela Bassett, Cary Elwes, Indira Varma, Rob Delaney and Charles Parnell.

Cruise, McQuarrie, Paramount, and Skydance are still expected to release Top Gun: Maverick on May 27, 2022.

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