Cinelinx’s Most Anticipated Fall Films (2021)

As the Summer comes to a close, our team is looking ahead to the rest of the films coming in 2021. Here, our team discusses their top 5 choices!

Crazy to think we’re already nearing the final quarter of the year. Thanks to all of the pandemic delays (which we hope won’t be making a return), there are a RIDICULOUS amount of movies to look forward to between now and the end of the year. It’s kind of insane to look at the schedule. Even so, we forced our contributors on the team to choose only FIVE movies they’re most hyped about. Let’s break it down: 


I’m really crossing my fingers that the rise of the Delta Variant doesn’t see another slew of release date delays for the rest of the year. It might be a fool’s hope, but with the sheer amount of movies on the horizon, I don’t even know where they’d find room for them! Hopefully I’ll be able to see these five movies in one form or another in the next four months…

Dune – It’s no secret that I’ve been looking forward to the new Dune movie for a long time; pretty much since it’s been announced. The trailers have sent me over the moon with hype and continues to look amazing. If I was only able to watch ONE movie for the rest of the year (which may be the case for heading to theaters), Dune is definitely it. No hesitation. 

The Matrix 4 – Though I can’t say my list here is in any particular order, if I had to choose only two films to watch for the rest of the year, The Matrix 4 would absolutely take the second spot. I love the original trilogy (yes, all of them) and never thought we’d actually get to see that story continue. 

As we inch closer and closer to the release, however, I’m flabbergasted that we haven’t seen so much as a poster for the film yet (or even an official title). Even so, I’m eager to see if they’re able to recapture the magic of the original, and bring even more ass-whipping to the table. 

Halloween Kills – It always feels strange to put horror films on my most anticipated lists, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to Halloween Kills. The Halloween reboot in 2018 was ridiculously good, bringing back an iconic franchise while telling a fun new story. It hit all the right buttons, and I’m interested to see if the sequel can follow-up on that without falling into the pitfalls of the previous sequels.

Spider-Man: No Way Home – My love of Spider-Man is well documented on the site, so it should be no surprise that the next Spider-Man film has made it onto this list. Even more than the last two films, which I enjoyed, No Way Home has the potential to blow everyone away while offering some fun connections to the larger multiverse. With old enemies returning, and the events of Loki/WandaVision blowing the universe apart, this should be our big step forward into what the future of the MCU has coming. 

The Last Duel – To be honest, despite being a Ridley Scott movie, I can’t say The Last Duel was really on my radar. When the trailer hit, however, that changed entirely and the movie rocketed up on my hype list. It simply looks incredible. It features some phenomenal actors, great looking set pieces, and a story that (sadly) is still all too relevant today. 


Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – To be fully transparent, I was not familiar with Shang-Chi until it was announced that a movie was in the works. Even still, I wasn’t all that sold on it. However, that all changed when the movie revealed its incredibly talented cast – featuring Simu Liu and Awkwafina – and a trailer that blew me away with its fight choreography. Now, I’m all for Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Give me all the martial arts action with the Marvel superhero flare!

007 No Time to Die – I’m afraid that if this movie gets delayed again we’ll see real-life Bond villains rise up. That’s how long people have waited for the latest James Bond movie to come out. Of all the movies that release this year, this is the one that I’m most on the edge of my seat for. This is Daniel Craig’s swan song, the end of his era as Bond. I want to see how it ends and the next one begins and I very much hope that it remains this Fall.

Dune – Maybe it’s from hanging out with Jordan for too long. Maybe it’s because of the epic trailers they’ve shown. Maybe it’s because of Dave Bautista, Jason Momoa, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, Timothy Chalamet, and Denis Villenueve. Maybe it’s the giant sandworm. Whatever the reason is, despite the fact that I’m going into Dune completely blind, I can’t help being so excited for this film. Heck, I’m so excited, I might just go drive a speedboat in a bathtub!

Copshop – Fall 2021 is shaping up to have some amazing superhero and Oscar-worthy films for fans to enjoy. Copshop is neither of those things, but damn am I excited for it! The film stars two of Hollywood’s most underrated actors Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo set within a prison, with everyone trying to kill Grillo’s character. Why? I have no idea! But the trailer for Copshop is an absolute ride that I can’t wait to see to its end this Fall!

Marvel’s Eternals – Much like Shang-Chi, I knew nothing about Marvel’s Eternals until very recently. I knew of the cast and the concept seemed cool. However, the recent trailer is what sold me. We’ll get to see the most powerful beings in the universe clash with ancient rivals known as Deviants to save mankind. Eternals is shaping up to make what we experience in the first 3 phases of the MCU feel like child’s play. No doubt this film will have lasting implications on the direction of this phase, much like all the other MCU series and films that have released so far.


Theater or at home (hopefully at home) these are the films I’m really waiting for this year, lets hope the Delta variant or whatever comes next doesn’t cause them to push the dates out any further. Oh by the way … can we at least get a darn TRAILER for Spider-Man!

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – This is one of the top 5 movies I’ve wanted Marvel to make for about 8+ years now. To say this is one of my most anticipated movies is an understatement.

Eternals – This was a comic series I’ve NEVER read. I had no interest in reading it, and I know almost nothing about the characters in it. Almost the same way I felt about Guardians of the Galaxy .. and well, we’ve seen how that MCU series is doing.

Spider-Man: No Way Home – I like Spiderman. I’m probably one of the few people that actually liked Sam Raimi’s Spiderman 3, If I could like that movie you can be pretty damn sure I’m dying to see No Way Home. and as mentioned above “CAN YOU PEOPLE RELEASE THE TRAILER FOR THIS MOVIE”!!!! 

Halloween Kills – The 80’s slasher horror flicks have always been one of my favorites. The latest Halloween film removed every single movie except for the first, and I was cool with how they moved the story forward from the 1978 original. So yeah I’m looking forward to Halloween Kills and I can tell ya right now I’m looking forward to Halloween Ends in 2022

Ghostbusters: Afterlife – C’mon who isn’t waiting to see this one.I liked Ghostbusters. I liked Ghostbusters 2016, yes I know you didn’t like it. And since this movie is going back to the main continuity of GB, there’s a lot of hype for this one since GB2016 fell on its face because of box office numbers. Oh, adding Paul Rudd doesn’t hurt either.


It seems like a lot of the movies I was excited for at the beginning of 2020 still haven’t come out yet, and the recent trend of COVID-19 means we may not get to see them this year either. I don’t necessarily want to go to theaters if it is not safe, and I don’t really want to watch them at home because they all beg to be seen on the big screen. So, if things really do get worse, I’m at least okay to wait. 

Dune – My #1 most anticipated movie since they released it. Still can’t wait to see this and am hearing very good things about early screenings. It is really one of those films that never happens where you get a dream casting AND a director who you admire. The novel Dune is one of my all-time favorite books and I hope this film version ends up on my all-time favorite movie list as well.

No Time to Die – Another movie I have been eagerly awaiting for ages. I am a huge James Bond fan, although Spectre left a sour taste in my mouth. I am hopeful for the new direction and creative talent, and look forward to closing out the era of Daniel Craig on a high note. I like the idea of the franchise going in a slightly different direction, rather than retreading on its greatest hits. 

The Harder They Fall – Jeymes Samuel AKA The Bullitts is a mesmerizing creative talent, and this film is his first opportunity to make a feature film. The western is a genre that I feel is on a bit of a comeback, and can’t wait to see this new and inventive take. I love the cast, and so far the trailer has me really excited for something fresh in a genre that isn’t known for being fresh. 

The Last Duel Ridley Scott is among my top 5 favorite film directors, so of course I am excited for his latest film. The fact that it has Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, as well as Adam Driver, only sweetens the deal. I see this film as a return to Ridley Scott’s roots, as it feels similar to his very first film, The Duelists. I hope to see the veteran filmmaker’s mastery of visual imagery in full display in a tense historical thriller. 

The French Dispatch – While there are many films which could have taken the last spot in my list, I had to go with The French Dispatch because of my love for Wes Anderson. In my opinion all his films have been great and I love to see what he comes up with in his unique style. Like many of his films, this one sports an impressive cast, and I am very confident I won’t be disappointed. 


Candyman: Here’s a movie I never thought I would say I’m excited to see and that’s the upcoming reboot/sequel Candyman. Having watched and promptly fallen in love with the original Candyman movie, I’m beyond excited to see how Nia DaCosta has updated the story of Candyman for 2021. The fact that Tony Todd is reprising his iconic role as Candyman doesn’t hurt either.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings: Considering I knew nothing about Shang-Chi when this movie was announced, I was tempted to ignore this film until the trailers started coming out and oh, my, gosh, this looks so good. Any film that combines kickass martial arts with ancient mythology (with the added bonus of taking place in the MCU) is automatically a must-see for me. Also, I’m curious to see how Wong ends up fighting the Abomination (there has to be an explanation for that, right?)

Dune: I’ve been waiting for Dune for what feels like an eternity. While I will always love the 1984 adaptation, THIS feels like a version that is going to get everything right, not least because they’re not trying to cram the entire story into a single film. The casting feels spot on, the visuals are mesmerizing, I just hope we get all the promised sequels so the story of Dune can be properly told in full.

Halloween Kills: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m actually excited for a Halloween film. While I haven’t yet mustered up the courage to watch the 2018 reboot, I am very intrigued by this film teasing the idea of everyone finally rising up to go after Michael. I don’t know if it will do them any good, but it’s an interesting idea.

The Last Duel: Three details immediately sold me on this movie. One: It’s a Ridley Scott film. Two: It’s a period film set in the late Middle Ages. Three: Adam Driver is in it. For those reasons alone I would sit down to watch this film, but there’s the added bonus that it looks absolutely amazing in the previews. Ridley Scott has made some of my favorite films, so I can’t wait to see what he does with this story.


Thank goodness for exciting movies in these strange times! Here are my top 5:

Cry Macho – A little outside my general film wheelhouse, I am looking forward to seeing Clint Eastwood’s long-awaited return to westerns! The premise (Eastwood as Miko, a former rodeo superstar who must use his wrangling skills to get Eduardo Minett from Mexico to the United States) sounds like pretty run-of-the-mill but quality Eastwood. I am here for it.

Copshop – Another seemingly outside the square action hit for me, Copshop appeals thanks to Gerard Butler in yet another Gerard Butler-esque role. The film takes place within a modest, rural police station, where green officer Harper (Alexis Louder) must protect an incarcerated con artist (Frank Grillo) from an oncoming hitman (Gerard Butler). Popcorn and dreamy eyes for Gerard, here I come.

The Eyes of Tammy Faye – Jessica Chastain is a fabulous actress and I always love a good biopic. The Eyes of Tammy Faye follows a pair of real life televangelists known for puppet shows, singing performances, and more liberal views toward homosexuality than many of their religious contemporaries.

Birds of Paradise – I am not yet sure what to make of this film and whether it will be just a modern remake of something along the lines of Center Stage or Save the Last Dance (both of which I love, so there’s no shade from me!). The film follows two dancers at an elite ballet academy in Paris as they find their friendship tested when they compete for a contract to join the Opéra national de Paris. Regardless of the plot, ballet and a Parisian setting are enough to entice me to renew my Amazon Prime subscription.

Mayday – SO intrigued by this film. In Mayday, Ana finds herself transported to a dreamlike and dangerous coastline. Once there, she joins a female army engaged in a never-ending war where the women lure men to their deaths with radio signals, like 20th century sirens. Though Ana finds strength in this exhilarating world, she comes to realize she is not the killer they want her to be. After lapping up the expected familiarity of Eastwood and Butler in the above listed films, Mayday sounds like it is going to be a whole new, potentially fascinating, kettle of fish!


Halloween Kills – As a horror fan, I have been immensely excited for this one.  I’ve always loved the Halloween franchise, and when they brought it to life in 2018 with a new storyline yet managed to pay homage to the old it was pure magic.  It was a great way to update a few things and make it relevant for the current generation.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife – Who doesn’t like Ghostbusters?  Much like my previous statement about Halloween Kills, the Ghostbusters: Afterlife trailer feels like the perfect blend of nostalgia meets new generation.  It’s absolutely fantastic that the young actors playing the lead roles are going to be playing the children of the originals.

Top Gun: Maverick – Can you tell Hollywood is making me feel nostalgic?  Like him or hate him, it will be nice to see Tom Cruise recapture one of his most iconic roles.  No doubt he will still be shaking it up as Maverick while teaching a fresh, young group of pilots.   We will just see if Myramar can handle his brand of instruction.

With so much amazing stuff to look forward to before the year ends, let’s keep those fingers crossed the release dates don’t move around too much! Which films are you most excited to see for the rest of 2021?

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