Cinelinx’s Most Anticipated Films of 2022

2021 is on the way out and our team is taking a look at the films we’re looking forward to most in the New Year!

Like the rest of you, we’re more than ready to finally put 2021 into the rear-view. This year saw the return of movie theaters, and more experiments in streaming which resulted in some great movies for everyone to enjoy. Even so, plenty of things got pushed back yet again, making 2022 another stacked year for releases. Here’s what we’re excited about seeing the most:


Prey – It’s a new Predator movie! A new Predator movie set in the past with a Native American heroine! If you were trying to make a creature feature specifically with me in mind, you couldn’t get much closer than this. While we still haven’t seen anything yet from the upcoming film, considering it’s also coming from the 10 Cloverfield Lane director, my hype is already at an all -time high.

Jurassic World: Dominion – Everyone knows I’m a sucker for the Jurassic Park/World franchise. You put those dinosaurs on the screen and you bet your ass I’m there and ready. While not everyone was thrilled with where Fallen Kingdom left off, I loved it and am eager to see how this trilogy wraps up the story. Combined with the original Jurassic Park actors returning, and Dominion is definitely a film I won’t be skipping in the theater.

Avatar 2 – It’s kind of insane to think of how long we’ve been waiting for a sequel to James Cameron’s Avatar. After a slew of false starts and release date delays, our return to Pandora is finally on the horizon. While the original has seemed to have fallen out of the cultural lexicon, there’s a reason it was the biggest box office record holder for so long. I still love watching it and have been eager to see where the next step on this journey takes us.

The Batman – Are you kidding me! I’ve been hyped for this film since the moment it was announced Matt Reeves was taking over directing duties. Everything we’ve seen from the film (admittedly not much) has been impressive, and those trailers are some of the best around. I know it’s ANOTHER new Batman, but based on what we’ve seen it really looks like we’ll be getting something fresh on the big screen from the Caped Crusader.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – Fun fact, Into the Spider-Verse literally never gets old. My youngest went through a phase not too long ago where she HAD to watch the animated Spider-Man movie every single day for a three week period of time, and I had a blast every time. It’s a phenomenal film and still my favorite Spider movie, as such I can’t wait to see what comes next for Miles and the various Spider heroes.

Honorable Mentions: Thor: Love and Thunder, Black Adam, Moonfall, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Scream,The Flash, Turning Red, Prey


So, 2021 was a pretty crazy year for movies, and it featured some films I had been looking forward to seeing for a very long time. The 2022 slate doesn’t peek my interest as much as 2021 did, but there are still a few that have caught my attention so far…

The Batman – Can’t believe I am typing this, but I’m very excited to see a DC movie! I really hope the franchise pushes away from what they have been doing over the last 10 years because frankly it hasn’t excited me. But this film looks like a tremendous change in direction, something that echoes a graphic novel like Sin City, but without being as direct. I love the noir environment the trailer eschews, and if the way the film is presented isn’t enough to take it to the next level just look at that sweet sweet cast list.

Mission: Impossible 7 – Another movie that seems like we’ve been waiting forever to see. I am a huge fan of the Mission: Impossible films and in my opinion they keep getting better and better. Christopher McQuarie has shown us how he can build on what has come before and keeps blowing our minds in the process. It really doesn’t even matter what the film is about, they will find a way to make it excellent.

The Northman – Robert Egger’s next film is an Epic Viking thriller co-written with Icelandic poet/lyricist/novelist Sjón. I feel like the world of the Vikings is very underrepresented in modern cinema, and would be a perfect fit for Egger’s frightening, and unrelenting style. The fact that the filmmakers are trying to incorporate as much authentic culture and ideas into the story as possible makes me think it will be unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – While I’m not really all that excited for the new Spider-Man film, I am excited for this follow-up because it is directed by one of my very favorite directors, Sam Raimi. I feel like Raimi is responsible for the modern superhero movie as his original Spider-Man trilogy created the blueprint by which the current version of the genre has built off of. His style is very dynamic, and brings a unique energy we don’t see a lot of. I can’t wait to see what he can accomplish within the confines of the MCU.

Babylon – Not much is known about this film yet, but what is known at this time has me very intrigued. First, it comes from director Damien Chazelle who has yet to make a film that is NOT awesome, and it will star Toby Maguire, Margot Robbie, and Brad Pitt. This awesome cast is said to portray actual filmmakers during Hollywood’s Golden era. I love films like Hail, Caesar! which look back at this era through the modern lens, and I can’t wait to see how Chazelle approaches it with his immense talent and incredible connection to music.


John Wick: Chapter 4– I’ve been itching to see the next installment of John Wick ever since the ending of Chapter 3 made it abundantly clear the story was far from over. I’m not sure how the fourth installment of John Wick can possibly top the others, but I haven’t been disappointed yet, so I’m beyond excited to see what happens in John Wick: Chapter 4.

Halloween Ends- Here’s something I never thought I’d say: I’m excited to see a Halloween movie in theaters. After finally being brave enough to watch Halloween Kills in theaters, I’m now fully invested in this rebooted Halloween storyline and where it leads to in Halloween Ends. The title sure makes it sound like this will be the final end of Michael Myers…but can evil like that ever really die? I guess we’ll find out in 2022.

Morbius- I don’t care what anyone says, Morbius has been at the top of my must-see list ever since the first trailer (pre-pandemic if I remember correctly) came out. I’ve always been a fan of characters that walk the fine line between hero and villain and Morbius sure sounds like the perfect example of that story. The fact that Jared Leto is playing the title character doesn’t hurt either.

Mission Impossible 7- Considering that Fallout, the previous Mission Impossible film concluded the trilogy that began with Ghost Protocol, I can only assume that MI:7 is going to continue a new story for Ethan Hunt and the IMF. What will that story be? I have no idea, but at this point I’m so deeply invested in the Mission Impossible series that it could be about just about anything and I think I would love it.

The Batman- It’s been a while since I was able to get into a Batman film. The Dark Knight films did nothing for me, and I confess I’m not a fan of Batfleck. But when I finally saw the teasers for The Batman….I felt something I hadn’t felt in a long time for a live-action Batman movie: interest. This looks like the kind of Batman story I can sink my teeth into and I haven’t felt this way about Batman movies in a long time.


The Batman – Batman is one of those superheroes that never fails to grab my attention. He’s such a classic hero and every actor brings a new take to the role. After hearing Ben Affleck had stood down, I was initially gutted, I couldn’t think of anybody who could replace him. That was, until rumours started spreading that Robert Pattinson was a front runner to take the role. Instantly I was hooked. Robert Pattinson is a fantastic actor and I can’t wait to see how he plays the role. This film looks absolutely incredible, and looks like it has a brilliant story.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness – When Marvel announced that two of my favourite characters, Doctor Strange and the Scarlet Witch, were getting a film together, I’m not ashamed to say I cried. Doctor Strange shocked me by how amazing it was when I went to see it, and I’d always hoped Wanda would find herself with a bigger presence in the MCU, it feels like this movie was made for me. I can’t wait to see this mysterious, magical movie unfold.

Thor Love and Thunder – Taika Waititi is one of the best filmmakers around at the moment. His hilarious take on the previous Thor film was a breath of fresh air for the franchise. As somebody who thought Jane Foster was very underused, I’m so excited to see her take on the mantle of Thor, and can’t wait to see all of the outfits we’ve seen in set photos on the big screen.

The Flash – I remember talking about The Flash film when it was first announced. It’s been such a long time coming, I can’t quite believe it’s coming out next year, and that we’ve actually seen footage of it! I really thought at one point this film wouldn’t end up happening, there had been so many delays and changes, but it’s so exciting to see one of my favorite characters finally get a film after waiting so long.

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie – Bob’s Burgers is one of my favorite shows. The comedy feels so unlike similar animated comedies, the voice actors all do a fantastic job, and I love the animation style. It’s such a comfort watch, I look forward to having an entire movie of it to watch!


The Batman- It’s not exactly a unique take to say that I love Batman, but Matt Reeves made some of my favorite modern blockbusters in his Planet of the Apes trilogy and turned a super goofy concept into a heartbreaking story of family and survival that I adored. The Batman seems to be the first time that a film has taken a really in depth look at what makes this guy, Bruce Wayne clearly has severe trauma and his mental stability is pretty lacking. An intense exploration of his moral compass and mental state in a detective noir thriller is exactly what I’ve always wanted. Also have you seen the goddamn cast?!

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse – Into The Spider-Verse was a masterpiece of animation, writing, direction, design, soundtrack and really just everything it did, it’s my favorite Spider-Man film and maybe my favorite superhero one. The sequel seems to be taking all of that and building on it in even more unique ways, comic books are built for animation and as much as I love a lot of live-action adaptations, I hope this franchise kicks off a slew of animated superhero flicks.

Jurassic World Dominion- I spent my childhood obsessed with dinosaurs, as a kid I could name pretty much everyone on screen when I watched the original trilogy of movies, probably far too you. Although I might not have the same fascination with prehistoric reptiles that I used to, my love for this franchise and seeing a Velociraptor on the big screen isn’t going anywhere.

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse of Madness- I’m a big MCU fan, I’ve loved it since I saw Iron Man in 2008. But something I’ve really loved about it in the past few years is how crazy it’s been getting, nonsense ripped straight from the comic books which is as goofy as it is crazy and it’s played with complete sincerity. My feelings on Raimi’s Spider-Man movies are mixed, largely due to it’s leads, but there’s no denying Raimi did a great job at taking a ridiculous character and putting him to screen. I think he can do the same with what is sure to be one of the MCU’s craziest ventures yet.

Avatar 2- “It’s too long” “It’s boring” “It’s just dumb”. I’ve heard a lot of complaints and negative feelings towards the first Avatar movie, but I loved it as a 10 year old who knows nothing about movies and I love it now as a 22 year old who knows a bit more. Avatar created a weird brilliant alien culture with tons of lore, world building and weird concepts that is exactly what I love in sci-fi. It’s been a long time coming, but I am here for James Cameron’s sequels.

Obviously there’s so much more we’re looking forward to in the New Year, and 2022 looks to be filled with all manner of awesome. If you could only choose FIVE movies to watch next year, what would they be?

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