Get Ready for Star Wars Day With Themed Candles from Homesick

As you prepare for this year’s Star Wars Day, Homesick has a new series of candles to bring the scent of the galaxy far, far away into your home!

The most hallowed of days is almost upon us, May the Fourth, Star Wars Day. There’s always a deluge of things to enjoy from deals on typical toys and video games, but this year brings something a bit different: candles.

Homesick, who specialize in complex scented candles (specially designed to evoke certain feelings while retaining a sleek/simplistic aesthetic) have partnered with Lucasfilm for a new series. The new products consist of three candles and even a Grogu car-freshener and will fully launch on May the 4th.

The collection scents include:

Tatooine – Invigorating notes of Juniper and desert shrub rise from cooling canyons amidst the endless dunes. Imagine basking in the binary sunset as Luke Skywalker speeds across dusky plains in his trusty Landspeeder.


Death Star – Imagine bolts of smoked amber and forged steel rise from clashing lightsabers, filling vast chambers of cold cement with electric notes. Leather and black myrrh tempt you to the dark side.


Endor – Wild fern and pine needles silently fill the dense woodland as floral accents rise from the forest floor. Imagine Ewoks foraging between mossy trees met with the rush of passing speeder bikes.


Grogu car freshener – Imagine Grogu’s meditative presence as he reaches out with the Force. Notes of gardenia fill the air, with touches of lavender and rosemary.


Each candle in the collection is packed in custom designs that capture a series of iconic moments from the locations they represent. And for the first time ever, Homesick is introducing a dual-sided label that reveals additional artwork as the candle burns, leaving each customer with a reusable jar they can continue to enjoy long after they burned their candle.

Homesick was kind enough to send me the Death Star candle early (along with that Grogu freshener) and it’s pretty damn cool! Honestly, I have absolutely no idea where to even begin thinking about reviewing a candle, so I’ll keep things simple.

While the candle itself maintains the simple approach, the box features some stunning artwork on all sides. So even if you use up your candle, that can still be used for some cool display purposes. As for the scent itself, I liked it! It wasn’t too overpowering, and while I can’t say I know what it feels like to be on the Death Star, it definitely captures a certain vibe.

The Star Wars Homesick collection is available at for $44 MSRP (candles) and $12 MSRP (car freshener), with bundling options available. Technically speaking, they go live for sale on May the 4th, but you can sign up for early access starting today at this link!

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