SDCC’s ‘[email protected]’ to Be a Free Event on July 22

The in-person San Diego Comic-Con event may have been cancelled, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but organizers are still moving ahead with a virtual event on the same day. From July 22-26, the same days as the San Diego-set event, [email protected] will air worldwide for FREE.

“For the first time in our 50-year history, we are happy to welcome virtually anyone from around the globe,” said SDCC spokesperson David Glanzer in a statement to TheWrap. “Though stay-at-home conditions makes this a very difficult time, we see this as an opportunity to spread some joy and strengthen our sense of community.” 

However, details on what [email protected] are pretty scarce at the moment. Although, organizers still say they’ll be holding the same exclusive panels and presentations highlighting movies, TV shows, comic books, and, on a few occasions, video games. Furthermore, exhibitors are still set to offer SDCC-exclusive collectibles, previously reserved for attendees.

What will be interesting to see is whether or not studios will actually show every trailer and footage they would’ve shown at the in-person event. SDCC is notorious for showing exclusive footage to only con-goers and leaving everyone else in the dark. Another wonder would be how this all would be presented. Would moderators just be talking to people in their homes on a Zoom call? Will it be all previously-recorded on a sound stage devoid of an audience?

More details will be revealed as we get closer to July 22, 2020, but it’s still fascinating, to say the least. The in-person San Diego Comic-Con will return July 22, 2021.

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