The Casual Cinecast Mulls Over Mulholland Drive!

Before Mike, Chris and Justin jump into their full-length discussion of the film, they go over the new release announcements from The Criterion Collection for March and April of 2019. These include a box set of Jackie Chan films, a silent comedy, an unorthodox character from Andy Griffith and much more! 


Then they get down to the difficult task of dissecting and discussing the intentionally puzzling and cryptic David Lynch masterpiece, Mulholland Drive. The film stars Justin Theroux, Laura Harring and, of course, Naomi Watts in one of her first big roles that catapulted her to fame! 


Are their theories about the film correct? Are they incorrect? Can they even be correct or incorrect? You tell us in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @casualcinecast ! 


Also, don’t forget to go to the @casualcinecast Twitter and vote in our Casually Criterion poll to help choose the next Criterion Colelction film we review on the show! 

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