The Disney Mary Poppins Collection By Besame Cosmetics Is Practically Perfect In Every Way

In Disney’s Mary Poppins, Jane and Michael Banks request in their advertisement that their new nanny have (among other things) “rosy cheeks.” You too can achieve those, such that your cheeks – nay, your whole makeup routine – will be Practically Perfect in Every Way, thanks to Besame Cosmetics’ Mary Poppins Collection!

Late last year, Besame Cosmetics released their fifth exclusive limited edition Disney collaboration collection, the Disney Mary Poppins Collection. Prior to owning this collection, I proudly sported products from Besame’s Snow White Collection (released in 2017) and Sleeping Beauty Collection (released in 2019). Each collection is unique while maintaining the high-quality vintage flair and Disney magic that Besame products are renowned for. The Mary Poppins Collection is no exception, despite being a little smaller than prior Disney collections.

The Mary Poppins Set

The signature mini set in the collection is the Mary Poppins Set. This set is housed in an elegant black box featuring gold silhouettes of Mary, the four penguins from the film and two kites. It includes Practically Perfect Powder, Poppins Red Lipstick and Mary’s Cream Rouge. What I really loved about this box set beyond the quality products themselves was that the powder compact is the same one Mary is seen using on at least two occasions in the 1964 film (and it matches that famous flower hat)!

The Poppins Red lipstick is a soft, pinky red that also throws warm, rust peach tones. It does, of course, look just like Mary’s shade in the film. The colors are spot on and this is not sheer luck – Besame’s CEO Gabriela Hernandez conducts extensive research in the Walt Disney Archives while dreaming up what products and items to include; matching color palettes and brainstorming fun ideas for each Disney collection.

The cream rouge, lipstick and compact all match one another in terms of design. It’s not just the look but the smell that is impressive! While adding that perfect “rosy cheek” or perhaps rosy lip to your look, you will also catch a delightful whiff of cherry. It is not overpowering, but rather just enough to remind you of the thought and detail that goes into the making of Besame products.

Mrs. Banks Set

Mrs. Banks Set is a touching tribute to the charming and passionate women’s rights crusader of 17 Cherry Lane, Winifred Banks. Again, Besame executes palette-perfect coloring with this nail polish and lipstick mini set. The lipstick is a light peachy hue and is creamy-yet-pigmented so it stays in place. The lipstick tube colors match Mrs. Banks’ classic blue and yellow from the film.

Complimenting the lipstick is a slightly shimmery light peach nail polish. Both the lipstick and nail polish provide a simple, sweet and complete light wear combo that you are guaranteed to get lots of wear out of, particularly in the summer months.

And just when you thought Besame was done with the film references, the Mrs. Banks Set also comes with free collectible Mary Poppins postcards that recreate Bert’s magical chalk drawings! Punting on the Thames, At The Circus, At The Seashore and In The Park will ignite your nostalgia and have you scene-traveling and enjoying a “Jolly Holiday” with Mary and Bert all over again.

Not Just About The Look But the Feel of The Products

There is no doubt that Besame products make one look and feel glamorous, but the products are also soft, long-lasting and comfortable to wear on any and all occasions. Whether you are dressing up for a night out or quickly throwing on a bit of rouge and lippy, the Disney Mary Poppins Collection will have you looking polished and feeling as if Everything is Possible, Even the Impossible.


Bésame Cosmetics are available online at and at the Bésame flagship boutique located at 3505 W. Magnolia Blvd., Burbank, California







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