New Trailer for ‘Sailor Moon Cosmos’ Features the Sailor Starlights

A new trailer for the upcoming Sailor Moon Cosmos film features the Sailor Starlights and their transformations.

With Sailor Moon Cosmos arriving in theaters in Japan on June 9, the hype is continuing to grow with a new trailer that gives a pretty good look at the Sailor Starlights and their transformations:

For those not familiar, the Sailor Starlights are introduced pretty late in the Sailor Moon story and consist of Sailor Star Maker, Sailor Star Fighter, and Sailor Star Healer. When not in their Sailor senshi forms, the trio perform as a popular boy band.

The first part of Sailor Moon Cosmos comes to theaters in Japan on June 9, while the second part releases on June 30. There’s no word yet as to when either part will release in the US.

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