Pacific Rim: The Black Trailer Teases New Threats and Bigger Action

This afternoon brings the first trailer for the second (and final) season of Pacific Rim: The Black, showing off way more kaiju battling action.

On the heels of getting our first look images and a premiere date, Netflix has now revealed the trailer for the second season of Pacific Rim: The Black. Though it will bring Taylor and Hayley’s journey to a close, it’s looking like they’ll go out in epic fashion:

In the epic series conclusion of Pacific Rim: The Black (S2), the journey is far from over. Our brave siblings Taylor and Hayley still hope to reach the safety of Sydney aboard Atlas Destroyer, the scaled-down training Jaeger left behind when Australia was evacuated. With teenage assassin Mei and the mysterious human/kaiju hybrid bOy joining Taylor and Hayley, this makeshift family must cross a dangerous territory controlled by the bloodthirsty cult Sisters of the Kaiju. These zealots, led by the enigmatic High Priestess, are convinced that bOy is their long-awaited Messiah and will stop at nothing to indoctrinate him into their dark circle – something Hayley would sacrifice everything to prevent.

Pacific Rim: The Black season two hits Netflix on April 19, 2022.

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