Taika Waititi to Direct Disney’s Tower of Terror Film

According to a new report, Disney has tapped Taika Waititi to direct their upcoming Tower of Terror film, which Scarlett Johanson is producing.

I think the bigger story here is that Taika Waititi has somehow invented time travel or has found a way to function without sleep. Either way, here’s one more project to add to the director’s list as Disney looks to keep him tight in the fold.

According to The DisInsider, the director has been tasked to direct Disney’s long-gestating Tower of Terror movie (based on the ride of the same name). With both Marvel and Star Wars projects under his belt and on the horizon, it sure looks like Disney is more than happy to stay in the Taika business.

With Pirates of the Caribbean and now Jungle Cruise having proved movies based on theme-park rides can actually work, I’m more than willing to give Tower of Terror a shot. Throw Taika Waititi into the mix and I might as well buy my ticket now.

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