The Casual Cinecast Checks Out Mandy!

Before we dive into our feature review, we go over “What’s On Our Minds” this week! Justin finally watched Robert Altman‘s Hollywood murder drama starring Tim Robbins, The Player! Mike went to the theaters to check out the Ethan Hawke directed film, Blaze. He also talks about the news of Mel Gibson directing a remake of Sam Peckinpah‘s The Wild Bunch! Finally, Chris binged the entirety of the new Netflix Original Series Maniac, which starts Jonah Hill and Emma Stone

Then we get into our review of Mandy. This throwback revenge thriller is from director Panos Cosmatos is set in 1983 and stars Nicolas Cage who seeks revenge on a religious cult who brutally murders the love of his life. Nicolas Cage has turned in some crazy performances and many are calling this peak Nic Cage crazy and one of his best films in a long time. Find out what we think by listening to the episode below: 

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