First Two Trailers Dropped for ‘NieR: Automata’ Anime

The first two trailers for the NieR: Automata anime have already been released.

On the heels of the huge announcement that NieR: Automata would be receiving its own anime came the news that the first two trailers promoting the series have been released. Nier: Automata Ver1.1a doesn’t arrive until January 2023 but the studio is wasting no time in promoting the series that is sure to draw the attention of many of the game’s fans.

The first trailer highlights the lead female character 2B and can be seen below:

The second trailer spotlights the lead male character 9S and can be seen below:

While each trailer is brief, they certainly give a tantalizing glimpse at the story to come. Nier: Automata Ver1.1a will be released in January 2023.
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