Netflix Reveals Full Trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revolution

The official trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revolution is here and it looks incredible.

After Masters of the Universe: Revelation blew us all away, fans have waited eagerly for the follow up to come. Now it’s finally almost time for Masters of the Universe: Revolution and to hype things up Netflix has released the official trailer for the series ahead of its premiere on January 25, 2024.

The trailer can be viewed below and it shows that the stakes for Prince Adam and Eternia have never been higher.

I was wondering what direction the story would take after Revelation ended with that cliffhanger. The idea of He-Man and Skeletor battling it out for the throne of Eternia is exciting, because the trailer makes it seem like He-Man’s victory is not assured. It’ll also be interesting to see if Prince Adam can in fact choose between being king and being He-Man.

What do you think of the trailer for Masters of the Universe: Revolution?
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