The Next Gen Crew Join Patrick Stewart In Picard Season 3

Star Trek fans have received a special First Contact Day treat with a new teaser confirming the return of the core Next Generation crew.

The official Twitter for Star Trek released a short teaser featuring a look at Picard and Riker, alongside voice lines from the rest of the crew. You can view the trailer here:

Currently, fans are still enjoying Picard Season 2 which has seen Picard and his crew fight to save their timeline from Q’s interference. Both seasons have seen the brief return of characters such as Deanna, Riker, and Guinan, but it makes sense to have the entire core crew return for a reunion and last hurrah.

With Season 3 set to be the final season of Picard, the return of the Next Gen crew only adds to what is sure to be an emotional season. As news on the upcoming season releases, we’ll be covering it right here!

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