Two ‘Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos’ Films Announced for 2023

The final arc of Sailor Moon will finally be told with two all new films in the coming year.

It was announced today during a 30th anniversary celebration for Sailor Moon that the final story arc of Sailor Moon, the “Shadow Galactica” arc, will be covered in two new films collectively titled as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos the Movie. This is similar to how the two Sailor Moon Eternal films covered the “Dead Moon” arc in 2021. The two Sailor Moon Cosmos films are scheduled to be released in Japan in 2023, no release date has been given for the U.S but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume the films would be released in the U.S. as well next year.

You can check out the trailer for the Sailor Moon Cosmos movie below:

Along with this trailer for the Sailor Moon Cosmos movies comes a gorgeous poster for the film that you can see below:

Are you excited for Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos: the Movie?


SOURCEAnime News Network
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