Amazon Leak Shows Dead Island 2 Release Date And Details

Amazon may have leaked some things a little earlier than GamesCom and one of them is some exciting Dead Island 2 details!

Dead Island 2 was announced way back in 2014, but during some studio shake ups the game basically got shelved for the longest time. The closest thing we got to resemblance of the game was a recent trailer for GOAT Simulator 3.

Now according to Wario64 Twitter, it appears that Amazon has listed Dead Island 2 again for PlayStation 4/5 with a new description and key art. It’s worth noting that it’s an entirely new listing, not the same placeholder listing that Amazon had before. You can check out the PS4 and PS5 versions.

Deep Silver, the publishers of the game, have yet to mention anything about the game, but surprisingly these listing have been up for a few hours and not taken down just yet. The descriptions seems to show the game taking place in Los Angeles, which is where the first took place, with some new locations in Beverly Hills and Venice Beach (which aligns with the initial trailer).

Supporting the leak is also the fact it is slated for February 3rd release, which happens to be a Friday. Most games release Friday or Tuesday.

Other details include a Day 1 Edition for anyone that picks up the game early, these perks include Memories of Banoi Pack – Banoi War Club and Baseball Bat, the “Balanced” weapon perk, and the “personal space” skill card. The game also features a six Slayers that can be customized to your liking with personalities, dialogue, and abilities. The game also features a new skill system to personalize the gameplay to your style, we assume this is similar to the Dying Light style skill tree.

We can only assume the leak came just before a GamesCom reveal. GamesCom Opening Night Live will be a 2 hour live streamed event on August 23rd which starts at 11AM PST, so stick around for any official details.

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