AtGames’ Legends Ultimate Arcade Returns This Month

If you missed out on the impressive home arcade that brought a ridiculous amount of games and modern features, you’re in luck. It comes back this month.

Last year, AtGames revealed the Legends Ultimate Arcade. It launched with 300 built-in (and licensed) games, plus internet connectivity that allows for more games to be downloaded while also engaging with an online community for classics that are otherwise overlooked. Needless to say, it went pretty quick.

If you missed out, however, you’ve got another chance coming soon. On August 31st the Legends Ultimate Arcade will be back on store shelves for $599 at pretty much all major retailers and online:

“We have been thrilled with the unprecedented demand for the Legends Ultimate,” said Dr. Ping-Kang Hsiung, CEO of AtGames. “Due to the pandemic and related supply chain disruptions, we have been unable to meet that great demand. Now, with the supply chain restored, we can bring this incredible, ever-evolving platform to even more families.”

With the wider availability of this new iteration, many more families will finally have access to this versatile, connected home arcade, adding to more than 10 million units of game and console products shipped by the company to date.

AtGames has reinvented the home arcade category by bringing its connected and expandable full-size family- friendly arcade machine to the masses. With 300 licensed, genre-defining arcade and console games built into this amazing platform and access to countless more, the fun never has to end. This full-size arcade, which stands over 66” tall and 29” wide, features premium two-player controls, a 24” HD LCD monitor, down-firing stereo speakers, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

From January 2020 until the end of July, the number of hours owners have played games each month on the Legends Ultimate has increased by 553%. From May 2020 until the end of July, there has been a 254% increase in online global leaderboard scores posted. Both impressive percentages are expected to continue their upward trend with the release of this next iteration of the Legends Ultimate.

If you want to enhance your gaming experience even more, you can add to your games’ list with titles from ArcadeNet, an ever-growing subscription game library. Every game is optimized for the Legends Ultimate Arcade’s high-performance hardware and arcade quality controls. BYOG, which stands for Bring Your Own Game, allows you to play even more games, including by streaming your favorite PC-based titles from the top digital distribution platforms, from our cloud servers or your home computer.

With weekly firmware releases, the Legends Ultimate is constantly evolving. Among the major evolutions has been the introduction of eSports to retro games with the AtGames Leagues and Leaderboards, voice chat, friends lists, and the ability to stream gameplay directly to popular streaming services. No other home arcade product comes close to these and the many other features made possible by the Legends Arcade Family platform.

Features of the Legends Ultimate include:

300 licensed arcade and console games built-in
Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and Bluetooth connectivity
Arcade-quality hardware
Optional arcade-style pinball buttons
Great gaming including eSports!
ArcadeNet® games service
Stream gameplay directly to popular streaming services
BYOG™ (Bring Your Own Game)
APL™ (Arcade Play Link)
AtGames leagues and leaderboards (ALL)
Optional accessories like light guns, interactive marquees, steering wheels, and more!

Will you be tracking this down when it drops at the end of the month? Check out the official site for more retailer locations and game lists.

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