Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Might Be Coming to Other Platforms | RUMOR REPORT

One game that I have been very excited about since it was announced is Bethesda’s, Indiana Jones title. I have been a fan of Indiana Jones since I was very young, the spectacle of one man taking on the world just to uncover forgotten history was just amazing.

So, of course, when they announced Bethesda and Machine Games were creating an action-adventure title based in this world I was super excited! In recent reports, Windows Central’s Jez Corden stated on THE XBOX TWO Podcast that this game will not be exclusive to Xbox.

He stated that this is “what he has heard, and it was said almost a year ago…”, but what does that actually mean? This means that the possibility of this coming to other platforms at the time of the rumor was still up in the air. If the game was exclusive to Xbox the good thing is that Xbox would have its own version of an Uncharted-style game.

Of course, if it wasn’t exclusive it would only help the developer showcase what great work I know Machine Games will do with this game. Until we hear more though, this is just a rumor and we will report back when we hear more! The Xbox/Bethesda Showcase is coming soon, so we might hear more every soon!


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