BioWare Debuts First Poster for New ‘Mass Effect’ on N7 Day

Happy N7 Day everyone!

Every year, Mass Effect fans eagerly wait for BioWare to release something in regards to a new Mass Effect on November 7, a.k.a. N7 Day, a.k.a. the Mass Effect National Holiday. With last year’s teaser announcing that a new Mass Effect was in the works, BioWare didn’t disappoint.

For this N7 Day, we got the first poster for the new Mass Effect game.

There is so much intrigue in this one poster. What is this crater? Who is leaving that ship? Where are they? Heck, when is the release date? Is a new trailer coming? See, so much intrigue.

Hopefully, we get answers to these questions soon. Yet, we can all relish in the fact that we got a fascinating new poster on N7 Day and that Mass Effect Will Continue.

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