Bioware Reveals New Mass Effect Teaser, Maybe a Title?

Throughout yesterday’s N7 Day, Bioware offered quick teases/snippets relating to the new Mass Effect game, culminating in a brief new teaser. Check it out here.

If you weren’t aware, yesterday was November 7th, which gamers have collectively decided to appropriate as N7 Day (or Mass Effect Day). In years past, Bioware has used the “holiday” to treat fans to special merchandise as well as teases about what’s to come for the franchise; including this awesome poster two years ago.

Yesterday was no different and fans were ultimately treated to a new video/teaser showing off, what many assume, is the game’s protagonist:

The video comes after a day of clues/teases which, in and of themselves seem to offer new hints about the upcoming game and what to expect. Here’s what we got:

Epsilon is notable as it’s the fifth letter in the Greek Alphabet, and this is the fifth Mass Effect game. As such, many have made the connection that this could turn out to be the game’s official title. The second tease makes reference to Oculon (an initial codename for the Citadel back in the day) as well as the year 2819…which is when the Andromeda team arrived in the far away galaxy.

The initial tease also makes mention of a distress signal coming from Andromeda. In the past, Project Director Mike Gamble has mentioned the upcoming game would serve as a sequel to BOTH Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda, which lines up with what we’re seeing here.

How they tie together is the big question, and with Dragon Age: Dread Wolf set to be Bioware’s next release, we’ll just have to keep waiting to find out. Either way, any Mass Effect news is good news at this point.

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