Classic Syphon Filter Games Have Been Rated For PS4 / PS5

Get ready to jump into the classic stealth action games? Maybe.

The Game Rating and Administration Committee in Korea has rated several Syphon Filter games. The games include the first two in the franchise, Logan’s Shadow, and Dark Mirror. While fans have been begging for the franchise to return in remaster form, this seems to be simply the games being added to the new PS Plus.

The new PS Plus will include a premium tier which includes more games and PSP titles, and considering Dark Mirror was a PSP game (launched in 2006) this might be the case. Currently beyond actually finding a PSP (or potentially a Vita) there is no real official way to play the game. And unless a remaster of the collection is one of Sony’s many secret games, it all leads to simple re-releases on PS Plus.

Two games didn’t make the list though for some odd reason, those games being Syphon Filter 3 and my personal favorite Syphon Filter: The Omega Strain. Why these games were not rated is not clear.

Syphon Filter originally released in 1999 for PS1, with the last title on consoles being Logan’s Shadow in 2007. The PSP title Dark Mirror released in 2006.

It is unclear if the new PS Plus will add any additional new features. Simply adding trophy support to classic games would be groundbreaking in many ways, but as of now there seems no plans to do so.

Source – Gematsu

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