Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion Announced; Launching This Winter

The epic story of Zack Fair is returning this Winter! Square Enix announced that a remaster of the PSP game, Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII, is on its way titled Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion.

Unlike Final Fantasy VII Remake, Crisis Core will be a true remaster of the original game. So there won’t be any plot twists for veterans of the game. Crisis Core is a prequel to the events of Final Fantasy VII and will help shed some light on the amazing character that is Zack, whom many saw in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The story follows Zack on a mission to find SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos. What he finds adds so much more context to the overall story of Final Fantasy VII.

Crisis Core – Final Fantasy VII – Reunion will launch this Winter on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, PC & Nintendo Switch.

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