Crypto Shows Off His Arsenal in Latest Destroy All Human! 2 Reprobed Trailer


Black Forest Games and THQ Nordic are pumping up the ad campaign for their newest remake, Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed. In their most recent trailer, we see some of Crypto’s arsenal like the Meteor Strike, Dislocator, Anal Probe, Burrow Beast, Free Love, and more!

From those names alone, I’m sure you can guess how wild and crazy this game is going to be… especially now that the game is remade from the ground up! The game doesn’t release until August 30th, but if you pre-order the game now you will gain access to the co-op Clown Carnage DLC on the release date!

Lastly, lets not forget about the huge and ridiculously amazing Collectors Edition that is launching with a 27 inch version of Crypto!

Collector’s Edition
Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed has a majestic “Second Coming Edition” available for pre-order now! This limited Collector’s Edition includes all digital content as in the Dressed to Skill Edition and comes with a gigantic, 27,6 inch / 70 cm high Crypto-figurine, an “Arkwobbler” which is of course a wobble-statue of the great Arkvoodle, a vintage metal plate, an artbook, the orchestral score on CD and the game for your favorite platform. This edition is meant to Destroy All Wallets! and is on sale at an SRP of $ 399.99 / € 399.99

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