A Gamer’s Valentine: 5 Adorable Video Game Romances

Each month Cinelinx will be gearing up for a new topic and cover a variety of movies that fall into that topic. You may have seen it already for the movie side of the site, and now it’s time for the video game side of the site. With that being said, this month is all about Valentine’s Day! If you are like us, you are probably a nerd or geek and just went “ugh Valentine’s Day….” Don’t worry we have you covered here. We are not covering mushy gushy love stories, we are celebrating as nerds! As nerds we will make fun of the love stories and have fun with it. 

Diddy & Dixie

Diddy and Dixie first appeared together in my all time favourite game Donkey Kong Country 2. The Kong family tree is renowned for causing a little confusion, it is often thought that Diddy is Donkey Kong’s son, when in fact he is his nephew! But enough with the “Donkey Kong” fact session, lets turn our attention back to this adorable simian couple.

Diddy and Dixie are the heroes of Donkey Kong Country 2, tasked with rescuing Donkey Kong from Kaptain K.Rool, leader of the Kremlin Krew. Dixie immediately earns points as a top girlfriend as she assists Diddy through giant Zinger-hives, haunted bayous and other hellish landscapes, crawling with Kremlins and other undesirables. (Ask yourself, would Candy Kong do the same? I don’t think so.)

The other Kongs play their part in the rescue too, of course. Cranky offers you pearls of wisdom, Wrinkly acts as a save point, Funky will hire you a barrel-plane to travel between worlds. Swanky is a bit of a douche though, finding it appropriate to host a game show while the top Kong is in jeopardy.

Diddy and Dixie batter their way through massive, dangerous landscapes together. Sometimes the act of literally throwing each other can be a little questionable from a romantic point of view, but monkeys will be monkeys.

You’d be hard pressed to find a more badass and determined couple.

Pacman and Mrs Pacman

Pacman & Ms Pacman

Being the sentimental fool that I am, when I first played Pacman one of my initial thoughts was that Pacman must be lonely. He was one of a kind, in a world of multi-coloured ghosts, yummy dots and dangerously tempting fruits.

I needn’t have felt that way, as Pacman has a lovely wife who is almost identical to himself. In fact, in Pacman World, Ms Pacman was mistakenly kidnapped, the culprits believing her to be Pacman.


There is something simply adorable about seeing the Pacman couple together. They share an understanding of being relentlessly pursued, while innocently trying to go about their daily nomming.


Sonic & Amy

Technically speaking, Sonic and Amy are not a couple. However I still wanted to include them as there s definitely something romantic about relentlessly pursuing someone, isn’t there? I think Amy would be delighted to know she and Sonic were featured together in an “adorable couples” article.

Amy pretty much follows Sonic everywhere, while he goes on wild adventures to save the world from Robotnic. Although she constantly refers to Sonic as her boyfriend,  he aggressively denies this and insists he is a free hedgehog. Personally I think he is playing hard to get. I know she is a bit annoying but come on, she is an adorable pink hedgehog!


Amy has been pursuing Sonic since 1993, desperately trying to win his affections. It must be hard work chasing a boy who runs at such speeds. Possibly the longest case of hard-to-get/stalking  that anyone has ever seen, but hopefully these two hedgehogs will grow old and wrinkly together.


Corporal Hart & Sergeant Cortez

The protagonists of Timesplitters 2, cyborg Corporal Hart and Sergeant Cortez, are partners in time as they battle the evil Timesplitters through an array of time periods.

Although Corporal Hart is playable in co-operative mode, according to the actual Timesplitters 2 storyline, only Sergeant Cortez travels through the time portal, with Hart staying behind to maintain the functionality of the machine.


Cortez and Hart are considered by their general as his best marines, deploying them to repel the Timesplitter attack on the space station.

Considering the magnitude of the task at hand, Hart and Cortez show that they have an unbelievable amount of trust in each other, as they depend on each other to avoid the destruction of humanity, and each other. Undoubtedly the coolest cyber-couple around, that is, until Captain Falcon and Samus get together.


Thrall and Aggra

Thrall has long been a prominent face within the famous Warcraft series of games. We have seen him break free of Alliance capture to become the greatest shaman in Azeroth. There was speculation that Thrall and Jaina Proudmoore had a “thing” going on, but rumours were dispelled when Aggra stepped onto the scene during World Of Warcraft’s third expansion, Cataclysm.

Some Thrall fans were disappointed with the implementation of a mate for Thrall, as they felt it softened his character and removed his badass status. I would perhaps be inclined to agree if his mate was nothing but eyelid batting eye candy (or an alliance mage), but Aggra is not. She helped Thrall during during his journey to become World Shaman was a great source of wisdom and support for him.


After defeating Deathwing a cut-scene revealed to players that Aggra is pregnant. Fantastic news! Players should be excited to see the son of Thrall grow up to be a part of the World Of Warcraft lore, in the same way we have seen Andiun Wrynn grow up from being a little boy with a wand, to a man with aspirations and noble ambitions.

World of Warcraft lore can always be a touchy subject for fans, as we feel the story is important to the game and don’t want to see it ruined, but it is important to remember that the story must continue, and there are bound to be twists and turns that are not to all of our tastes. However, this little twist is certainly to mine.


That’s it for our 5 Adorable Video Game Romances. What in-game relationships captured your heart? Are you happy with Thrall living a settled life? Be sure to let us know in the comments below and from the Cinelinx team, we hope you have a lovely Valentines day!

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