Tekken 8 Full Walkthrough | Part 2 – Devil Kazuya Destroys The World

Devil Kazuya and G Corporation getting closer to their goal of World Domination, it’s time to stop them before it is to late!

In the second part of our Tekken 8 Story walkthrough, we witness the fighters engaging in a fierce battle against G Corporation. The gameplay session is presented in a third-person style that adds a unique and exciting story element to the game. This battle is not just about winning or losing, but it also holds the fate of the world in its hands.

Furthermore, in this part of the story, we see the notorious Devil Kazuya taking matters into his own hands and challenging the tournament fighters. His ultimate goal is to take on Zafina, a powerful fighter who possesses a unique ability that Kazuya needs to summon Azazel, the Evil God. He believes that by defeating Zafina and stealing her power, he can summon Azazel and rob him of his power to claim it as his own. The stakes are high, and the outcome of this battle will determine the fate of the world!

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