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TEKKEN 7 Celebrates Its 2nd Anniversary

Tekken 7 is launching a fun update just in time for its 2nd anniversary! Check out what's being added right here!Great games never fade...

Two fan-favorite characters are coming to Tekken 7. Play as Armor...

Two fan-favorite characters are coming to Tekken 7. Play as Armor King or Craig Marduk! Keep reading to find out more about these characters and watch their character debut trailers. 

2B Announced for Soul Calibur VI, Will Fight for ManKind on...

2B is bringing her fight to the Stage of History very soon! Who is ready for battle!?

Tekken 7 Adds Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis in Latest Fighter DLC

A new fighter is about to enter the King of the Iron Fist tournament!  Final Fantasy XV's Noctis!  See his reveal below!

Tekken 7 Gets Personal in the New Story Trailer

The King of the Iron Fist Tournament is about to begin, once again.  Before it does, watch the epic story trailer to learn more about what's in store for our favorite fighters in Tekken 7!

Lee Chaolan/Violet Returns to the Fight in Tekken 7

More and more fighters are returning to join the King of the Iron Fist Tournament in Tekken 7!  The most recent entry is a familiar fighter with an intriguing past.  Come inside to watch the reveal trailer for Lee Chaolan and his alter-ego Violet!

Tekken 7 Has Two Updated Characters Returning to the Fight

We all know the classic fighters from the Tekken franchise.  They're staples in the game's long history.  However two powerful, but not as well known, characters from the more recent games are getting an upgrade and once again joining the King of the Iron Fist Tournament.  Meet them below!

Project X Zone 2 Gets a Release Date

The Massive Crossover Strategy game from Japan finally has an American release date!  Read on for more!

Pokemon Meets Tekken: Pokken Tournament Announced

With whispers of a “shocking announcement” around the corner for the past week, The Pokémon Company and BANDAI NAMCO have collaborated to reveal Pokken Tournament which resembles a mash-up between two popular game series, Tekken and Pokemon.

New Tekken Trailer Hits the Web with an Iron Fist!

A new challenger has entered the arena...

As a gamer and lover of all game-based films (even the bad ones), it was no surprise when Crystal Sky Pictures announced they would be handling the live-action treatment of game developer Namco/Bandai’s critically and commercially successful fighting franchise, Tekken.


Will Aliens: Fireteam Be The Game We Have Wanted for Years?...

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