The GB Operator Offers Excellent Retro Handheld Fun on Your PC | Video Review

Retro gaming fans have a new option to play, archive, and save their classic handheld games all in one tiny, impressive, package: the GB Operator.

I’m always looking for new ways to play my older games, so when Epilogue (a new Romanian start-up) offered me the chance to check out their first product launch, I was pretty excited. The GB Operator is a small device that connects to your PC or Mac, allowing you to play Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games.

The cartridge slot accepts them all, so if you have them in your possession, you can play them. Using the mGBA emulator, it runs super smooth, but the value of this system goes WAY beyond simply playing your old games…Let’s talk more about it:

As you can see, I loved the GB Operator. The ability to archive older games, saving them to the system and more is super convenient. It’s incredibly user friendly, automatically detecting any controller you plug into the system (including my RIG Pro Compact) where you can then remap the controls and such.

If you enjoy old-school gaming or are a collector looking for a great new way to archive your titles, the GB Operator is a no-brainer. At only $50, it brings tons of value for gamers, even beyond other current (and upcoming) Game Boy related platforms.

The turnaround time can be a few months (they’re a new company after all), so be sure to get your order in now through their official site!

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