Deathloop Story Trailer Takes Us Down The Rabbit Hole, Releases Next Week

Deathloop is finally coming to our systems next week, September 14th. With the game coming in just under 5 days, Bethesda and Playstation released a new story trailer that leads fans down the wild and crazy rabbit hole that is built in the time-looped world.

The question Colt keeps asking is Who are the Visionaries? What is Blackreef? How does the time-loop work? But most important. . .Who am I? I can clearly see that this game is pushing all things action and a full-on mind-bending story we have come to love from Arkane Studios!

The game releases September 14, 2021, we plan on showcasing full gameplay on our Youtube and Twitch. We will also have a review for the game soon around the release, so check back here for our thought on the game.

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