Deep Silver Releases ‘Artyom’s Nightmare’ Metro Exodus Trailer

As some of you may know, s0leb and I are really exctied for Metro Exodus, and talk about it quite a lot on the 2nd Opinion Podcast. We know the game is going to be more expansive than ever, with deeper weapon customization, exploration will be larger than ever, and graphics in-game will be impeccable..but what I didnt realize was the emotional connection I have with Artyom.

4A Games and Deep Silver released a new CGI Prologue trailer for the game yesterday and, I have to say, I teared up! This will be (from what I believe) the conclusion to the Metro series, seeing the pain Artyom has gone through really shook me to my core. The graphical presentation, mixed with the nightmarish drop in, drop out memories seen in this trailer really have just pushed me to my limit of hype for the game. I want it and I meant I want it now! The game releases in just under 9 days and I really can’t wait to share my thoughts with you all on the game! Until then, game on!


Metro Exodus releases on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC onFebruary 15, 2019!

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