The Casual Cinecast Critiques Velvet Buzzsaw!

However, before the guys jump into their review, they discuss the things they’ve been watching over the last week in a segment they like to call “What’s On Our Minds!” Justin watched an old favorite in Singin’ in the Rain and (news flash) he’s still a fan! Chris brings up all the winners and films that achieved notoriety over the last week or so at the Sundance Film Festival! Mike and Chris both watched Best Picture nominee Vice (which Justin discussed last week) and all three give their spoiler-free thoughts on the film and let you know whether or not Christian Bale deserves the Best Actor nomination and/or win! 

Then Mike, Chris and Justin move into their feature review of the latest Dan Gilroy (Nightcrawler) film, Velvet Buzzsaw. The film follows several “connoisseurs” of art such as art critics, buyers and gallery owners who sell a dead man’s art against his wishes and find out that there’s a supernatural force out there who wants to seek vengeance for their greed. The film has been met with many mixed reviews from extreme dislike to extreme like to extreme “meh.” What do the guys think about this reteaming of Gilroy and Jake Gyllenhaal which also features performances from Rene Russo and John Malkovich? Listen to the episode below to find out! 

Do you agree or disagree with their take? Let us know in the comments below or let Mike, Chris and Justin know on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram at @casualcinecast! 

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