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A Guide to Predicting Oscar Nominations

Oscar nominations aren’t handed out randomly. The films and filmmakers that earn them tend to follow certain trends and achieve certain criteria.This guide will...

Don’t Look Up | Review

Don’t Look Up is a modern disaster movie satire with plenty of star power and comedic moments. However, it falls short of achieving its...

The Casual Cinecast Critiques Velvet Buzzsaw!


After watching the Netflix Original film that's getting all the buzz (yes, that's a pun), The Casual Cinecast were scared to discuss the art critic punishing Velvet Buzzsaw. But you know what? They did it anyways. 

The Casual Cinecast Reviews The Kid Who Would Be King!


Joe Cornish's follow up to Attack The Block came out this week! Check out The Casual Cinecast's review of The Kid Who Would Be King

What Makes Us Laugh: Step Brothers


Will Ferrell and Adam McKay are known to create some of the comedies and Step Brothers is one of those. It's one of the best comedies in recent years and definitely what makes us laugh.

Bethesda Union, FTC vs. XBOX, and College Football? | 2nd Opinion...

“In this episode, Caleb “Soleb '' Gayle and co-host discuss some of the latest gaming information as well as talk about Bethesda Unionizing, Halo...