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The Casual Cinecast Critiques Velvet Buzzsaw!


After watching the Netflix Original film that's getting all the buzz (yes, that's a pun), The Casual Cinecast were scared to discuss the art critic punishing Velvet Buzzsaw. But you know what? They did it anyways. 

Mark Wahlberg’s Mile 22 Lands on Digital and Blu-Ray This Fall


Mark Wahlberg's August action flick is coming to Blu-Ray and Digital this fall!  For more on all the bonus content, see within...

TMP Reviews: RED


Do not go in with the misconception that RED is a serious C.I.A. flick and there will be no disappointment.  That being said, this film is not to be missed.  The beginning seemed to drag just a bit, and the script seemed ridiculous at times, but once it got going, there was no stopping the entertainment!

Dark Horse and Critical Role Reveal a New Vox Machina Bust

Dark Horse Direct and Critical Role unveil the third and final Vox Machina Origins bust, this one featuring Keyleth and Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski...