Ebay To Auction 151 Collectable Items On Pokémon Day

Ebay will be celebrating Pokémon Day with new auctions on extremely rare items.

Starting at midnight (EST) February 27th, Ebay is set to host an event titled “Catch 151” where what they say are “extremely rare” items for the series will be auctioned off. Among the day also includes 151 rare Pokémon cards that go upwards of thousands of dollars.

Ebay hasn’t mentioned the exact cards or collectables, but did reveal some images such as the one seen below. You can see cards like holo variants of the 1st Edition Venusaur, Blastoise, and Charizard, all look to be rated high in grading.

Other cards include an autograph Pikachu by one of the series original artists, Mitsuhiro Arita. 4 other Pikachu cards will also make appearance including a mint-condition Ooyama’s Pikachu from 1998, and even the Van Gogh Pikachu.

Bidding for each item will start at $1.51 which means if you’re very (very) lucky, you might be able to score something rather cheap, or cheaper than normal. All auctions will end at midnight 24 hours later.

Check out some of the cards:


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