Gran Turismo 7 Wows with 30-minute State of Play Deep Dive

Sony recently held one of their trademark State of Plays where they highlight new games coming to their PlayStation consoles. This one focused entirely on one game, their highly-anticipated racing game Gran Turismo 7.

For 30 minutes, Polyphony Digital CEO and professional racing driver Kazunori Yamauchi took viewers on a deep dive tour into the stunning world of this real driving simulator. The deep dive explored new game modes, car physics, realistic weather features, historical aspects, jaw-dropping adaptations of real-world vehicles, and so so so much more content coming to Gran Turismo 7.

While a lot of genres do their best to be as realistic as possible, racing/driving games continue to stand alone on the top of that mountain as the most authentic games ever made. Whether it’s Forza or Gran Turismo, these games continue to push the envelope and make you question what’s real and what’s a bunch polygons on a screen.

What really captivated me in this State of Play was the elegant way in which every aspect of Gran Turismo 7 was shown. The way the cars drove, the music, the environment, the textured sound of the text, the game modes, everything depicted a game that oozes sophistication, despite being a high-octane thrill ride. Something every petrol head can get behind.

Gran Turismo 7 launches for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on March 4, 2022.


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