Lara Croft Returns in Teaser for New Mobile Game

Square Enix has revealed the first teaser for a new Tomb Raider game, throwing back to Lara’s retro days for a new mobile adventure.

I don’t know exactly what Tomb Raider Reloaded is, and this trailer doesn’t offer up many clues, but it looks like fans are getting some classic Lara Croft action from it:

Square Enix describes Reloaded as a “free to play action arcade game” which can cover a whole lot of ground. Just based off the trailer it looks like some classic monsters from earlier adventures will be present. It also eschews the darker, more realistic take from the recent reboot (whose last entry was back in 2018).

Hopefully we’ll hear more about this one soon. Tomb Raider Reloaded is set to mobile devices in 2021.