Latest Metroid Dread Trailer Shows Off Samus’ New Abilities

A mysterious enemy and Samus’ new powers take center stage in the all new gameplay trailer for Metroid Dread!

Holy crap it’s a Chozo! But why is there a living Chozo around, and why is it attacking Samus? These are good questions, but we’ll likely have to wait for the full game before getting any sort of answers. Even so, the new Metroid Dread trailer showcases new and returning powers with some impressive looking gameplay:

Here are the abilities you’ll be using throughout the game:

· Flash Shift – This all-new Aeion Ability lets Samus travel a set distance – forward or backward, while on the ground or in the air – in an instant.

· Pulse Radar – This handy Aeion Ability allows Samus to scan her immediate surroundings and pinpoint breakable blocks.

· Grapple Beam – A rope-like beam that can connect to specific points, the Grapple Beam allows Samus to swing across gaps or manipulate parts of her environment, such as pulling an object.

· Ice Missile – By using this cool upgrade, Samus can freeze enemies to easily destroy them or even use some of them as platforms!

· Storm Missile – With the Storm Missiles, Samus can lock on to and fire multiple small missiles in succession.

· Cross Bomb – This powerful bomb explodes in four directions.

· Speed Booster – This ability allows her to run at great speed, dealing damage to enemies and smashing through certain walls.

· Shinespark – True Metroid experts know all about this electrifying move, which can be activated to have Samus fly in a set direction while in her Speed Booster state.

· Screw Attack – A classic move that has been in every single 2D Metroid game, the Screw Attack finds Samus damaging enemies and shattering certain obstacles during a spin jump.

Metroid Dread launches for Nintendo Switch on October 8, 2021.

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