Check Out The Gamescom Trailer For The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes

Gamescom came out swinging with a lot of trailers to reveal, one of the better ones being The Dark Pictures Anthology latest, House of Ashes.

The trailer really got my attention with how well done it was. The story focuses on a group surrounded by enemies, who those enemies are is the question. Is it the actual monsters lurking in the darkness, or other people trapped with you? The game focuses on decision making and quick decisions to decide who to trust and what will happen.

The trailer is also teasing a secret for fans of the series, by figuring it out you will be led to a website that has some behind the scenes footage and details about the upcoming game.

Also revealed is a special edition of the game which can be found on the official website. One of my favorite collectors editions, it includes a statue of the monsters found in the game along with some other goodies.

The game releases October 22nd 2021, and if you would like you still have a few days on PlayStation to grab the previous title in the series for free via PS Plus to get ready for the release.

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