New Video Game Based on TMNT: The Last Ronin is in Development

One of the best Ninja Turtles comics in recent memory is being turned into a video game inspired by action-RPG titles like the latest God of War games!

Launched in 2020, The Last Ronin took the beloved TMNT story and flung things into the future. It’s a grim site where only a single Ninja Turtle remains, the sole survivor of a deadly ambush by the Foot clan that killed his brothers and Master Splinter. It’s a gritty story about revenge, loss, and justice that takes place in a New York City that’s been completely taken over by Shredder’s surviving grandson.

It rules.

Seriously, it’s one of my favorite TMNT stories as it manages to tell a fresh story that still brings together all the elements you love. It struck a chord with fans and has now sparked a series of spin-offs set in the same time period, and even some follow-ups planned. Apparently, it’s also getting a video game!

During a chat with Polygon, Doug Rosen (the senior vice president for games and emerging media at Paramount Global) revealed that a third-person action RPG game is currently in development. While it’s still a “few years off” and they won’t reveal the developer just yet, the fact that it’s happening has me all kinds of excited.

Rosen describes the upcoming AAA title as a “mostly” single-player title (which is pretty different from most TMNT based games) and likens it to the recent God of War games. Obviously, it’s still early days and they’re trying to generate hype, but the simple idea of a God of War-esque action game set in The Last Ronin world is more than enough to get fans salivating.

Considering this game is still a few years off, this can’t be the other AAA TMNT game that was mentioned last year as launching in 2023. Hopefully we’ll learn more about that one sooner, rather than later.

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