Producer of Metal Gear Teases “Big Announcement” Coming Soon

According to producer Noriaki Okamura there will be several announcements by Konami this year, including a “long awaited title.”

Obviously with any Konami rumor we instantly go to the big two, Silent Hill and Metal Gear. Silent Hill already had a massive announcement season a short while ago where we got Silent Hill overload of several games coming, including a remake of Silent Hill 2 by Bloober. So that obviously leaves us with Metal Gear.

There was a rumor that Metal Gear was supposed to be announced around the same time as Silent Hill, but this got delayed. One of the reasons being Sony going to court with Microsoft about making Call of Duty exclusive, to not give them anymore excuses on Sony dominating them. So it never happened. There is basically confirmation that a MGS3 remake is in the works somewhere within Konami licensing, and the fact they licensed out Silent Hill to multiple studios further backs up the theory Metal Gear is doing the same thing.

To add further fire to this rumor, Okamura was a producer on MGS as well.

However another point is that Okamura was a producer and co-creator of Zone of the Enders which was expected to make a come back 4 years ago. In an interview at that time, Konami and Cygames noted that if the remaster release of ZOE did well then they’d get to work on a new installment in the series. Nothing has been heard since, but with rival series Armored Core by FromSoftware making a come back it makes sense that ZOE might want to jump in to the market around the same time.

At the end of the day Konami is a jumbled mess with these rumors because they never say anything, and yet keep hinting that they care about all these major franchises. So it could be one or both of these series coming back, clearly there are developers that want to do it. I just wish we’d finally get simple ports of Metal Gear on current consoles, we didn’t even get them on PS4…. and MGS4 is still stuck exclusively on PS3.

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