South Park: Snow Day! Brings Fun, Adult Comedy to The Third Dimension | Review

South Park returns to the video game realm with Snow Day! which brings the action back to three dimensions for a fun new adventure.

South Park has always pushed the envelope when talking about ongoing world events, celebrities, and any touchy subject it can get its hands on. Over the years, we have seen South Park Digital Studio move into the gaming universe with its most recent games like Stick of Truth and Fractured But Whole.

Their newest title “South Park: Snow Day!” is the first title in the new “series” to feature a three-dimensional graphical style and somewhat continues the story built from the last two games. The question is, while it lives up to the outrageous style of story and plays we saw in the last few games?

Snow Day is South Park in its Truest FormĀ 

South Park: Snow Day! starts like an episode of the show, a massive snowstorm has swept the town of South Park and the focus is on the home of Eric Cartman. As the storm moves in, the news anchor states “The end is here” as the snowstorm has frozen twenty people to death. As this news is being reported, Ms. Hartman is very worried, but the only thing Eric cares about is if school will be called off.

South Park: Snow Day!

Release Date: March 26th, 2024

Platforms: PS5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Developers: South Park Digital Studios, THQ Nordic

After waking the next morning, Eric learnsĀ  school has been called off, so it’s time to play he states to his mother “A Snow day is the most magical day for a child!” This is when he comes to your window (The new kid) and you’re prompted to create your character. The character customization is much like the last couple games. There are a few things you can pick through, but most will have to be purchased as you go.

As most of you know, after the pandemic began, food was not the only thing hard to find on store shelves. It was also very hard to find toilet paper due to mass panic. Well, as a poke at the world, South Park Digital Studios decided to make the currency in the game toilet paper. Yes, in South Park during this snowstorm, toilet paper is the most valuable item you can collect.

Picture Provided by THQNordic

As you start your quest, you’ll run through some tutorial levels that teach you the ropes of the new game and let you in on what is happening in South Park. After which you and Cartman take on your first challenge in the made-up realm the Elves, run by Kyle. This is when you get your first major gameplay segment and I have to say it was a blast.

I thoroughly enjoyed the two-dimensional style of play in the previous two games of the franchise, as it allowed me to immerse myself in the world of South Park and made me feel like I was a part of the show. However, Snow Day! has completely changed the game for me. The new three-dimensional graphics are a welcome change I didn’t know I needed. The new graphics make the town of look more spectacular and alive than ever before, with every detail meticulously crafted to perfection.

When playing the game, I was amazed by how the town comes to life as you explore it. The game presents an entirely new level of immersion, with enemies popping up in unexpected places, and the fun begins as you try to defeat them with the new combat system (it’s worth noting the game can be played in either solo mode or with up to four players in co-op mode).

After successfully defeating your first set of enemies, Jimmy and Butters, two of your allies, help you obtain your first power card. These cards empower you with new abilities or enhance your existing ones. As you continue on your mission, you encounter Mr. Hankey, he explains to you how you can collect and use “Dark Matter,” which is a mysterious substance that appears to be liquid poo.

Mr. Hankey then gives you a first-hand look at the perk system, which allows you to utilize your Dark Matter to upgrade different attributes such as energy, health, strength, and more. You can use these upgrades to customize your character and make them more powerful. You also meet Henrietta, one of the goth kids, who provides you with three different options to choose from. You can either get extra toilet paper per kill, additional Dark Matter to upgrade your perk system, or a refill of your Bullshit cards.

These Bullshit cards are unique power cards that can be used two or three times per level. They grant you exceptional abilities such as growing larger, shooting lasers from your eyes, and other cool powers. By upgrading your Bullshit cards, you can become more versatile and overcome challenges with ease.

A Game Full of Fun at A Cheap Cost

South Park: Snow Day! is full of Easter eggs, locations, and characters from the show that will make any fan of the show leap with joy. Not only is the combat much better than the previous titles, with the bonuses of power cards, Dark Matter upgrades, and Bullshit cards at your disposal, the gameplay makes this title a fun beat-em-up action-adventure.

The gameplay is not just fun, but one smooth experience from start to finish. I didn’t encounter any moments that felt overly clunky or unresponsive. This is a big win for the development team, especially with the game’s standard version only retailing at $29.99. For just 20 bucks more, players can get the Digital Deluxe Edition which comes with six additional DLC packs!

As a gamer who loves all types of games, I love it more when we feel like we’re getting a bang for our buck, and South Park: Snow Day! is for sure one of them. Lastly, I gotta say the humor in this game is something that always puts the cherry on top of South Park Games. Though it is vulgar, it was a little less “shock and ah” this time around and I’m ok with that. In the last two games, there were times a few shocking, but hilarious moments on screen that featured either nudity, blood and gore, or just crazy shit like drugs, etc.

Having two little ones at the house, and not having these moments happen on screen as much this time was great. Everything I turned this game on, I put my headphones on and thought, “OK. The kids are in here. Please don’t show anything crazy!” I was surprised when there weren’t moments like this, but not let down in the least!

South Park: Snow Day is Just Pure Fun!
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south-park-snow-day-game-reviewSouth Park: Snow Day is a welcomed change to the series previous style of play. Not only do we still get all the humorous moments we've come to love, we get a new three dimensional style of play that makes the game more immersive thank ever. These changes made this game a great value for players with more content still on the way. It's for sure one of my favorite games of the year so far!