Rumor: N64 games headed to NSO, patent for new Switch controller filed with FCC

Super Mario 64

Rumors started flying last month that Gameboy Color games will be headed to Nintendo Switch Online and now Nintendo 64 games seem to be on the table.

Known leaker NateDrake revealed the news about GBC games and Eurogamer joined the conversation adding that additional platforms are also on the table.

NateDrake confirmed the Eurogamer sidebar in the latest episode of his podcast with the news that N64 games are reportedly joining the party. He also speculated that Nintendo will use the library expansion to also introduce higher price tier for the Nintendo Switch Online service to the tune of $5 to $15 higher than the current offerings.

“I would give a very realistic probability that it happens in the current fiscal year…but that’s a guess. I mean that’s a guess but you know, we will find out as we said, September is the month of reveals, the anniversary of the platform itself, so hopefully, we have some news about Nintendo Switch Online this month, but there is no rule that it has to come this month,” he said on his show posted Wednesday.

Yesterday, Screen Rant reported that a patent was filed with the FCC for a new controller yesterday… but the details of the filing are not public yet. The details will be made public when a short term confidentiality agreement expires tomorrow.

I’m hoping we see history repeat itself here. News of a SNES-compatible Switch controller patent filing was the reason that SNES games getting added to NSO became public knowledge back in 2019.

What N64 games would you like to see head to NSO the most?

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