Solstice Returns to Destiny 2

The free Solstice event returns to Destiny 2 starting today, bringing new gear, festivities, and rewards to players who participated.

Starting today (July 19th) and running through August 9th, Solstice has come to the Tower in Destiny 2:

Guardians who jump in for the event will automatically receive a set of redesigned Solstice armor, along with the chance to pick up the new Legendary Stasis Hand Cannon, Something New. Those looking to light a fire under their enemies can join in on the new Bonfire Bash activity and fend off waves of enemies to upgrade their armor with that eye-catching glow.

Available from Eververse, a new range of summer-themed cosmetics are sure to cool you down when your enemies turn up the heat. Players will be also able to pick up a new Event Card to earn free rewards, with an upgrade option that unlocks even more Solstice cosmetics.

Players can earn a new Seal in Solstice, completing Event Challenges to earn the new title Flamekeeper and the ability to purchase the corresponding collectible medallion pin. Those who complete the introductory Solstice quest will also be able to pick up the exclusive Solstice 2022 shirt. These items are unlocked through the Bungie Rewards program and will be available for purchase on the Bungie Store.

Let’s get this party started.

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