New Sonic Frontiers Trailer Dives Into Combat, Starfall Islands

SEGA was part of Tuesday’s Nintendo Direct to showcase a new trailer and some new details on Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers is the next game in the franchise and its going open world in an interesting mix with “open-zone platforming.”

“Players can enjoy high-speed, open-zone gameplay and interact with various activities on the island however and wherever they choose,” developers said in a press release. “Experience exhilarating combat, puzzles, side quests, Cyber Space and conversations with characters across the island in any order you’d like to match your play style.”

The game combines the open-zone platforming with linear-level gameplay to expand “what fans know and love about traditional Sonic games,” developers said.

The new trailer showcased some first looks at the Cyber Space area of the game along with a peek at the Titan boss.

“Sonic’s combat style is more exhilarating and fluid than ever before. Players can use various button controls to fight strategically, combining moves such as dodges, parries, counters and more in various combos to show off battle skills unlocked throughout the game,” developers said. “If you prefer more straightforward gameplay, the game also has an Auto Mode where various attack combos can be executed with a single button. All Sonic fans can easily enjoy the fast and fluid combat system.”

There is a new ability in the game called “Cyloop” that creates “a band of light mirroring Sonic’s tracks” so that Sonic can surround enemies, items and areas to uncover “various effects and unlock the secrets of the Starfall Islands.”

Developers also detailed some about the Starfall Islands. Players will explore Kronos Island at game’s start and the island is full of lush forests, mountains, giant waterfalls, floating towers in the air and lots of rain.

Players will be able to enter Cyber Space thanks to the ancient civilization of the Starfall Islands via portals found throughout the map.

Sonic fans will solve puzzles and complete challenges to earn Portal Gears to unlock these entrances access Cyber Space levels featuring the traditional, fast-paced, speed running action platforming,” developers said. “They’ll need to complete the challenges in each Cyber Space level to receive Vault Keys to progress further in the game.”

Sonic Frontiers will launch on Nintendo Switch and PC this holiday season.


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