Sony Shifting Funding To Live Service From Single Player Games

Sony announced their new plans for financing games over the next few years and if you enjoy single player games, it’s not looking good.

Sony revealed their financial report which includes a few details that are worth noting. In the report notes that while Sony was pushing 88 percent of their funding to traditional games as late as 2019, that number is falling to just over 40 percent with the new target being live service games. Sony will dedicate 55 percent of funding to live service games, which will increase further to 60 percent by next year.

There is slight hope as the report notes that they may potentially shift funding back towards traditional single player games by fiscal year ’25, so perhaps Sony is shifting funding to get these games made and hopefully the live service aspect keeps them going while single player titles are made.

There are currently 12 live service games in development by Sony including a new Destiny Title Marathon, Fairgame$, Concord, and a Last Of Us online component.

Some other notable mentions in the report include plans to release “at least 2” first party titles per year, which cover all all genres including online and single player. However Sports is listed as one of the genre’s, so it is unclear if the yearly release of MLB The Show takes one of these slots. Also noted is a bigger push for PC titles, which was clear during the PlayStation Showcase as several titles were announced for PlayStation and PC. Sony also mention they have started several “verticals” to get mobile games going.

Another important note is that by F25, all funding for PS4 titles is being cut. Until that point PS4+PS5 funding is noted, but is entirely absent at that point.

Lastly Sony notes “notable IP” by several companies, one of them being Bluepoint which was notably absent from the PlayStation Showcase. Rumors are have been working on Metal Gear or Bloodbourne, and clearly it wasn’t Metal Gear.

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