Strange Brigade is Now Available on Switch, Coming With New Switch Features

During Nintendo’s E3 Showcase, one of Rebellion’s most ambitious titles “Strange Brigade” was announced that it was making its way to the Nintendo Switch. . .TODAY! Strange Brigade was by far one of my favorite games of E3 2018, when reviewing the game I went as far as saying:
Strange Brigade is exactly what I have been wanting for years! This game offers so much for such a low price. It may have a few growing pains, but I will say if you are a co-op gamer do not pass this title up! This is for sure my dark horse game of 2018!
I know sometimes I can be a bit of a fanboy when it comes to games that I like, but Rebellion did a fantastic job making you feel like you were on a 1920’s expedition. It’s basically Indiana Jones on crack, and that isn’t a bad thing. The game is available now for only $31.49 on the eShop but also comes with a slew of newly added features just for Switch players!

The added featured include, 2-4 player local wireless play, Motion Controls, HD Rumble, Pro Controller support, Dynamic Resolution Switching for smooth 30fps gameplay, and 1080p on TV / 720p in handheld mode. Just those added features make me want to play the game all over again on Switch. So, stop what your doing, head to the eShop, and start looting ancient tombs with your friends now!

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