Arcade1Up Opens Orders on 2 New Legacy Cabinets

Introducing Arcade1Up's Capcom Legacy Arcade Game Yoga Flame Edition

Arcade1Up opened pre-orders for two more cabinets in the Legacy Edition Collection.

The new offerings are Legacy Ms. Pac-Man and a Legacy Street Fighter collection that Arcade1Up calls the Legacy Yoga Flame and Shinku Hadoken Edition. The new Street Fighter II cabinets feature limited edition cabinet art and include Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition and Street Fighter II: Turbo along with other classic titles.

Pre-orders are open on the Arcade1Up website.

Introducing Arcade1Up’s BANDAI NAMCO Legacy Arcade Game Ms.PAC-MAN Edition
Introducing Arcade1Up’s Capcom Legacy Arcade Game Shinku Haduken Edition
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