Sucker Punch Productions Says No inFamous Or SlyCooper Games Are In The Works

Yesterday, Sucker Punch Studios post a blog post that might have some fans a bit sad. For some time, fans and insiders have theorized that a new Sly Cooper or inFamous title was in the works. We have seen not just theories, but full reports that these games were in the works behind the scenes.

Since Ghost of Tsushima was announced, I could tell the game was going to be a huge success. For years, all Sucker Punch focused on was the inFamous series, and Sly Cooper. Now that they have a new series that has won over forty awards for its game design, why would they not focus on the next game in the series? Well, Sucker Punch had this to say about the studio and said rumors:

As we approach 25 years since Sucker Punch first opened, we’re proud to look back on the legacy of characters and stories we’ve created, from Rocket: Robot on Wheels to Sly Cooper and inFAMOUS, and most recently Ghost of Tsushima.
As our games continue to grow in scale and complexity, they require the full attention of our studio. With our focus on our current project, we have no plans to revisit inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper right now, and no other studio is currently working on projects related to those franchises either. These characters are very special and near and dear to our hearts, so while we’d never say never to re-opening those doors down the road, for now, there are no inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper games in development.
We know many people still play these games even today, so we’ll be performing maintenance on inFAMOUS 2 UGC servers soon to move them to a new home that will keep them up and running a bit longer. We will eventually need to sunset these, but want to keep them running for as long as possible for players who are still active.
We’re also working to put Cole’s Legacy DLC for inFAMOUS Second Son (which was previously only available as part of the Collector’s Edition) on PlayStation Store in all territories for anyone who missed it.
Thank you to everyone for an incredible 24+ years of support. Your love and appreciation are what fuel us to keep making new games and new worlds, and we look forward to continuing to bring new and exciting ideas to life for many years to come. We’re not ready to talk about whatever might be next, but we hope you’ll keep following us whenever we’re ready to share more.
– Sucker Punch Productions

Some fans might be upset by this news, but I have happy for Sucker Punch. Not only has Ghost of Tsushima become a huge success for the studio, but now they can broaden their horizon on what is to come next for the series. They did say that this is not them putting the nail in the coffin for these games, but it for sure is not something they are focused on at this time.

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